Vices and Dough

Tough guys and loose women, Bartenders, Mafia Brides and Sailors! In a POKER FACES poker hand, the underworld and harbor romance meet. Each of the four colors represents an “industry”: clubs is maritime, spades is organized crime, the pimps and alley cats romp around with hearts, and in the diamond pub, everyone is sitting at the bar.
All drawings are the work of the Aachen-based illustrator Alex Elsen.

Play it again Sam!

Not your usual playing cards! POKER FACES is a unique, lovingly illustrated quality deck, perfect for Texas Hold’Em or any other variation of poker. The robust professional playing cards are 100% plastic and guarantee hours of fun and total enjoyment while playing.

The Illustrator

Alex Elsen, born in 1974, is an illustrator from Aachen, Germany, who has been drawing since childhood. His works range from comic and satirical, Hawaiian and Hanseatic, curio collection and harbor dive, roller coaster and subway with his early influences including comics, books, movies, pop/subculture, street art, skateboarding, etc. As a social worker, he has a trained eye for the small and large precipices in life, the tragedy but also the humor that (mostly involuntarily) results from it. Alex’s illustrations for Poker Faces are a welcome and perfectly fitting quality-distillation of all of his previous themes and preferences.



54 100% plastic Poker Design Playing Cards in classic silver-gray cardboard box.
Delivery within 2-3 business days.

€ 9,50

Postage and packing: € 3.90




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Concept & Realisation
Birgit Franchy, Markus Jansen

Alex Elsen

Pokercard Design
Markus Jansen

Markus Jansen


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